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Awaken to Your True Nature

  • Paula taught me how to breathe through adversity and difficulty. She takes the time and energy to provide amazingly generous perspectives.

    Shawn P. 
  • Paula’s yoga classes offer a lovely introspective experience of mind, body and spiritually focused balance…so perfect for boosting my immune system!

    Tracy G.
  • Paula was patient, thoughtful, so knowledgeable, and open. She set the tone for a completely supportive and thought-provoking experience.

    Carrie N.
  • Paula creates a safe environment for people of all backgrounds, ages, and medical histories to build strength, flexibility, and soul in yoga. Paula’s background in eco-sustainability is greatly needed in these times, and she designs programs that seamlessly integrate these principles with a yoga practice.

    Sirin P. 
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The Intention…

of Wild Awake Wellness is to support us in awakening to our true nature. We aim to be present moment by moment, with all feelings and circumstances. We awaken to the wild heart-beating deep within us. Through practices of yoga, mindfulness, and ecological experiencing we become more connected to ourselves and the environment. This leads to integration of mind, body and nature, which promotes more ease, joy and freedom in our lives.